Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the minimum quantity?

12 pieces per color & Style

How do you ship your goods?

Shipping is shouldered by the buyer. We can ship via Air or Sea together with 3rd party shipping services (i.e DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc...) upon request of the buyer.

 How long does it take for you to finish an order?

Our production lead-time is 45-60 working days.

Where are Earthworks products made?

Our products are handmade from Cebu, Philippines.

How is the quality of your products?

Though our pieces are very intricate and delicate. We make sure to craft our products with utmost care and quality.

What materials do you use?

Our products are made from sustainably sourced wood, acrylic, shell, and recycled materials from the Philippines.

Can we do custom orders?

Currently, we are open to receiving custom orders. For more details, please contact us through