Eco-aware Filipino fashion jewellry mingles natural materials with fresh ideas – 27 Jun 2011

Eco-aware Filipino fashion jewellry mingles natural materials with fresh ideas – 27 Jun 2011

Blessed with abundant natural resources of our Mother Earth, the renowned Filipino green fashion jewellery has consolidated its prominent niche as the world’s original eco-jewellery. The core philosophy behind Filipino fashion jewellery just clicks with the popular eco-fashion theme.

Recycled materials used include coconut shell, tree branches, palm leaves woven into fabrics, polished shells, banana bark and more. With these resources with which it is blessed, the Philippines has been employing its impeccable craftsmanship in its state-of-the-art designs; “Green Fashion” will continue to maintain its long-term philosophy, said a Cebu FAME spokesperson.

The green project of the foundation can create not only beautiful jewellery but also job opportunities for small communities, giving support to local livelihoods.

Earthworks Fashion Accessories

“From my point of view, Philippines fashion jewellery is a wearable piece of art. Each piece is uniquely created from combinations of versatile materials, creative instincts and top-notch craftsmanship,” said the founder of seven-year-old Earthworks Fashion Accessories, Christine Hamoy-Kintanar.

Using materials such as wood and shells indigenous to Cebu, Ms Hamoy-Kintanar believes the Philippines’ ethnic handmade pieces are the strong and major asset of the Filipino manufacturers. Earthworks has not blindly followed the current hi-lo fashion trend; the company has always used sustainable materials in its jewellery. She continued, “The toughest challenge so far is the fierce competition between the Philippines and China in terms of volume capacity and price. It did take a long time to educate clients in appreciation of the value of quality handicrafts. Production-wise, price is definitely another concern, though we do not limit our design based on this alone. We continue exploring new techniques and approaches as so to keep showing our clients something fresh.”


As for how Earthworks can surpass its competitors using similar natural materials, she explained that they are good at playing with contrasts of colour and texture, for example mixing bold colours with neutrals, bright tones with darks, etc. She hopes this will change the long-established thinking of customers that Philippines fashion jewellery is suitable only for summer.

Spain and France are the company’s major markets; Ms Hamoy-Kintanar plans to explore Italy, Germany, countries in Northern Europe and the Middle East.

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